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Helping usually isn't

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Helping usually isn't

Post by David on Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:43 pm

Helping usually isn't

Muscle mass is created by using them against resistance. Skin is calloused from abrasion. Even bones can be made denser through micro fractures. Yet, muscle that is never used atrophies. Gloved hands become soft. And, bones that haven’t been trained for impact will break when facing the rigors of a martial artist. These are but three examples of how growth comes from challenge or conflict. Without conflict, entropy occurs.

How then could accepting help actually help? In the long term, the person being helped hasn’t learned from the exchange. Helping helps the helper. Even if done with sincerity and humbleness, giving aid to others makes you stronger in some way as you have taken from them a challenge. To help is to weaken. To challenge is to strengthen. Give and take accordingly, but don’t expect appreciation.
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