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Self Destruction

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Self Destruction

Post by David on Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:57 am

Self Destruction

It would be irresponsible and dangerous of me to construct a lecture on self destruction, but endeavor I shall. This is precisely the attitude one takes while knowingly drinking the elixir of one’s own undoing. We wouldn’t get very far if I were suggesting suicide or causing actual harm, no, self destruction culminates into a crisis.

During the process of finding one’s self, discovering one’s purpose in life, or first awakening to the philosophical implications of their ideas and actions, many people encounter a breakdown. It will last as long as it needs to, but is temporary. After completion comes the liberation to define yourself however you like. Knowing this doesn’t make it suck any less at the time, however.

The chief tools we will employ here are: smashing ideas, and injecting chaos into our lives.

In smashing ideas, you will notice a stickied topic in Dark Discussion titled “The puppy kicking room”. This is just a play on words as most people assume dark siders would do such a thing. In all actuality, it is a place where members can take ideas or beliefs to be sacrificed on the alter of self destruction. Warning, do not mention an idea or belief that you are not ready to part with inside the room. For, if you do not or cannot destroy it, I or someone else will.

Injecting chaos into your life is done primarily off line, but can be discussed in your workshop. One easy way is to break routine. Another is to make a series of small gradual changes. For example, you might try a new platter at your favorite restaurant this week, and seek out some new place to dine next week. There are far more ways of introducing chaos than I could possible place in a lecture, but the remainder will be a list of examples. The key here is to introduce just enough chaos until reality seems... different. Too much, and you could spin out of control. Keep in mind that some lessons can be bought for a bargain or you could choose to end up paying for them for the rest of your life; it’s up to you.

Known sources of chaos:

Watch the movie Fight Club.

Watch the movie I Heart Huckabees.

Read The Teachings of Don Carlos by Victor Sanchez.

Take a different route.

Get a different (better) job.

Feel your way around your house blindfolded.

Talk to people you ordinarily wouldn’t.

Rearrange the order of doing mundane tasks.

Learn how to lucid dream.
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