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Post by David on Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:57 am


In a world where all that glitters is not gold, a pretty face can belie a wicked heart, and a helping hand can be riddled with tattoos, it is not reasonable to take things as they first appear. Perception then must account for visual discrepancies by shifting from the observation of form to the observation of function. “What is this?” becomes “What does this do?” The web is filled with so called “Life Hacks” that exploit this shift in awareness. With enough practice you will also begin to understand the futility of idealism and the value of pragmatism, and treasure empirical knowledge over the anecdotal or theoretical.

It doesn’t stop there. Causality is a tool that can be thrust into the heart of any facet in life. It is a form of play or experiment where you do this [sample act]  and observe that it has the effect of that [sample result].

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