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On Cycles

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On Cycles

Post by Luciana on Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:56 pm

Mortox wrote:Reality is cyclic. The course of the Sun, the Moon, the seasons on the Earth, the breath of the tides; everything is in motion.

Humans are not excluded from the constant breath of the cosmos. Cycles of passion, transforming into lethargy. Cycles of happiness, surrendered into depression. Cycles of inspiration and curiosity, ebbing away into apathy.

Humans have seasons; we are mirrors of the cosmos.

Cycles - or spirals? 

As mirrors of the cosmos it is important to note that the universe expands as it cycles, thus in effect creating a series of open loops (a spiral) rather than a set of closed loops. 

The seasons turn round and round, but time moves forward. The planets rotate, but the universe moves inexorably outward. 

Open loops are often more useful than closed loops. A closed loop, for example, engages a person for a short time and then brings them to a close and an end, and severs the journey. An open loop on the other hand, brings a person to a momentary lull, and then re-engages them, and takes round for another spin, this time on a deeper level, higher than before (or lower if you are guiding them into Hades). 

Closed loops (cycles) can be devastating to victims of trauma. The inability to escape the loop-dee-loop of repeating the same circle over and over results in an inability for many survivors to envision a future for themselves. A clever trick in therapy for PTSD is to utilize a circular "filing cabinet" around oneself, where one imagines placing the experience in the correct location within that drawer (e.g., 20 years ago), then spinning the cabinet drawer around you to bring the present day back to front and center, and the stored experience far off behind you. Over time you make that filing cabinet drawer bigger and bigger by helping the patient store more and more present-day memories up front and center, so the circle has to expand, and the stored experience gets further and further away. 

The cycles of the universe will eventually end; either the gravitational pull will be too stretched, and the planets will be cast adrift; or it may snap back and result in another Big Bang; so too are the cycles of our mortal existence doomed to cease their cycles of happiness and depression, inspiration and apathy. That is where the spiral is ultimately leading us; down to our deaths (or up towards them, if you believe in such); or merely forward, or in whatever direction you perceive your mortal journey to be going in. 

Thus do I posit that reality is more spiralic than cyclic, and that a spiralic perspective on reality is more useful than a cyclical one.

P.S - no idea if this is the correct place to post this, or if it should go in the Potentium Discussion. Please feel free to move if this should go somewhere else.
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Re: On Cycles

Post by Mortox on Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:11 pm

Luciana, I agree with you, the movement of things in the cosmos can be cyclic or in spirals.

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