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Potential vs Kinetic energies

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Potential vs Kinetic energies

Post by Micheal on Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:29 am

I remember in high school physics learning about the difference between potential vs kinetic energy.

When you drop an object, as soon as it leaves your hand it is 100% potential energy.

But as it falls to its inevitable collision with the ground, this alters from potential to kinetic.

In the middle of the fall, the object is perfectly 50% potential/50% kinetic.

And then when it hits the ground... it is 100% kinetic.

Never is the energy different.  The question being if the energy stays potential (by continuing to hold the object) or if it becomes kinetic (by letting the object go).

Life is a lot like this transfer of energies.
As you look at yourself, the amount of energy is still there if you feel it or not.

The question being... are you potential or are you kinetic?

The sad reality is that we live in a world of potential.  And quite often those who are kinetic are held back (except for in exploits of a sports nature).

This is because we would rather sit back with our potential and judge others kinetic then to educate everyone to living a kinetic life.
The internet has by and large taught us this.  In some ways, it allows people to be kinetic... but by and large it is the realm of potential.
For it exercises the brain (and fingers) but not the body as well.

Which is sad for then the body is out of balance.

A kinetic life is one which does.  Period.
It does not talk about it, it does not argue the implications, it does.
And in doing so, we learn what works and what does not... but always is the mind and body functioning together.

To be clear, I value the art of contemplation even to the levels of what can be seen in any Sherlock Holmes story.
I also value the art of Muchin (No Mind) where the body acts without the minds involvement.

The first is a mental exercise, the second a bodily exercise... kind of like compartmentalized training if you will.

But always kinetic.

Remember, it is the bodies innate desire to be potential.  You have to decide to be kinetic.

"To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you cannot criticize" - Voltaire
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