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Discussion angst

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Discussion angst

Post by Micheal on Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:19 pm

I have now came to this board 5 times, feeling I should start a discussion, would come up with a discussion topic, and then think better about it.
Whats the point of talking about the FA?  It should be dying.
Whats the point of talking about bigotries? People either agree, don't, and regardless it will continue.
Whats the point of talking about...

The problem which exists is two fold:

1.  No one wants to discuss except those things they agree with.
2.  On those subjects which agreement is not met, then personal attacks are mandatory.

Which is a shame.  And I think it has me affected in the fact that I sense this all over the place. 

I long for the days when a person can be an opponent on a subject at one point, then be someone you can look forward to meeting on another.
Now... everyone is an enemy.  I have people ask me to actively watch what they post so as to 'be on them' if they cross a line in my vision... then you never see them post.

For me, this is the mindset of refusing to learn.  Subjects which you disagree with the most should be the subjects most likely to learn from... for that which we dislike tends to be that which we do not understand.

Society lives for the virtuous to fall.

Take for example this latest rash of sexual harassment cases.
Where such has of course been a part of society in a limited fashion... which is to say their have always been those who will try to get away with it.  Their is nothing like having a president who harassed and had sex with everyone and got away with it...

For when he can do it... its alright for everyone to do it.

For me, this isn't about morality... although I can branch off into that readily.
For me, this is about how divided humanity is... to the point you have to not give a care... or you have to fight.

Because we can't talk.
We can't reason.

"To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you cannot criticize" - Voltaire
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